Utsav Committee Members 2021 

Welcome Committee

If you are new to the Greater Sacramento Region, Utsav would like to welcome you in to our community, provide you with helpful resources for your new move and answer any questions you might have while settling in to your new place. Do not hesitate to get in touch with this wonderful group of people and revive your Bengali connection with friends, food and festivities.

Committee Members:


Somen Nandi (Lead)



Mitra Choudri (Lead)




Poulami Chatterjee – UC Davis –



Sanchita Dey (Soma) - Elk Grove -



Sharmila Mallick - Roseville/Rocklin -Sharmilamallick@gmail.com 


Supriya Mukherjee – Davis -



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Image by Vitaliy Lyubezhanin

Cultural Committee

Utsav organizes several major events throughout the year. The cultural committee is responsible for organization and coordination of cultural programs during such events. All our cultural programs enjoy strong participation from both adult members and our children. These programs include traditional music, dance, drama, recitation, artwork, etc.

Somen Nandi (Lead)

Poulami Chatterjee (Lead)

Manas Ray

Pubasha Das

Rajat Chakravarty

Sandipan Samaddar

Sharmila Mukherjee

Shashwati Roy

Snehungsu Guha

Suvra Mukherjee

Food Committee

Utsav organizes several major annual events throughout the year. The food committee is responsible for organization and coordination of food we offer to members and non-members during such events. In the past few years, our food committee has taken a mammoth undertaking by cooking the food in-house and providing authentic and mouth-watering Bengali food to our members.

Mainak Banga (Lead)

Barun Bandopadhyay

Joy Mukherjee

Koushik Das

Prodosh Chakraborty

Rashmi Nandi

Sanjib Nayak

Shomeek Paul

Shyamal Roy

Somnath Ganguly

Sudip Sarkar

Image by rajat sarki
Image by Susan Q Yin

Literary Committee

Utsav publishes a high-quality annual magazine, Chowrongee, every year during Durga Puja. This publication includes articles, poems, and artwork by our members from all age groups. The literary committee is responsible for content, editing, and publishing of Chowrongee.

Mainak Banga (Editor)

Anupam Mitra

Biswanath Mukherjee

Manas Ray

Rajat Saha

Rashmi Nandi

Somen Nandi

Tanima Bhadra

Puja Committee

Utsav organizes several major events throughout the year. Of them, the most prominent ones are the two events – Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. The Puja committee is responsible for organization and coordination of all puja related affairs during these two events that include setup, prasad, bhog, and all puja procedures.

Anima Kumar (Lead)

Manomita Patro

Mitra Choudri

Paramita Bhattacharya

Rupa Chowdhury

Santana Das

Seema Chanda

Soma Nayak

Image by Souvik laha
Image by Chang Duong

Youth Committee

The goal of Utsav is to get our youth involved in various charitable and cultural activities and impart on them the lesson of giving. This committee was formed to do just that. The youth committee is responsible for philanthropic endeavors within the Sacramento region under the guidance of some very experienced Utsav leaders. Our youth group has recently volunteered at Holiday Toy Drive, Sankara Eye Foundation, Walk4Literacy, KVIE, St. John’s Shelter, Walk for Multiple Sclerosis, COVID-17 Relief project (e.g. Project Breathe, Concert from Bollywood etc.) and Vedanta Society of Sacramento.

Committee Members:

Manjula Dey

Poulami Chatterjee

Rupa Chowdhury (Lead)

Sangita Biswas (Lead)

Snigdha Banerjee

Youth member participants:

Ashna Nayak

Dayita Biswas

Ena Nayak

Esha Banerjee

Ronit Mukherjee

Sayak Dutta

Sharod Nandi

Siddharth Ray

Siddhartha Dey

Sudhit Ganguly

Suhaan Devavarapu

Veer Arjun Joshi

Registration Committee

Registration committee looks after all the membership and non-member admission during all the events.

Somen Nandi (Lead) 

Adi Choudri

Debrup Ghosh

Prodosh Chakraborty

Sharod Nandi

Subhra Gima

Image by Phil Desforges