Business Sponsorships

Utsav events are an ideal opportunity to advertise your local small/medium business. Our biggest event of the year, weekend-long celebration of the Durga Puja, is attended by nearly 400 people from the local Indian community. This is your chance to put your banner in the event and make your business known to this local community, for a modest fee.

Every year, we publish a high-quality printed magazine at the Durga Puja event, which is distributed to our members. Advertising rates for the magazine is shown below. Space is limited so please reserve your spot now!

  • Quarter page : $50

  • Half page: $100

  • Full page: $150

  • Back Cover (color): $250

  • Front Inside cover (color): $200

Use the Contact Us form to request your Ad space. Please mention your business name and the type of Ad.

Digital Advertisements during Durga Puja 

This year, we will Live-stream selected segments of the Durga Puja event on YouTube. There will also be an on-stage projector that will be used during the cultural program. You can reserve digital Ad spots by buying one of the packages below:

  • Bronze package: $100 (includes video advertisement during YouTube Live-stream)

  • Silver package: $175 ( Bronze package + On-stage Projector Ads for both days)

  • Gold package: $250 (Silver package + one banner displayed at the venue for both days)

Use the Contact Us form to request your Ad space, and to know more about these packages.