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Utsav Election

Utsav General Election Process:

  • Introductory mail with attached nomination form about election/nomination request sent to ALL members.

  • Documentation and receipt of all nominations to Election Committee (EC).

  • Documentation and receipt of written consent from nominees regarding willingness to run for the office or not.

  • If EC receives exact number of willing nominees, EC will announce new GBM/CCM members.

  • If EC does not receive adequate number of willing nominees – EC will actively solicit for additional members, and upon success of recruiting adequate members, EC will announce new GBM/CCM members.

  • If EC receives more than required willing nominees:

    1. Ballots will be sent to ALL members.

    2. Document and receipt of ballots from members. In case a member is out of town, EC will arrange to send the ballot electronically.

    3. Results of election to be announced/declared to all members right after the deadline for receiving ballot.

The new GBM/CCM will assume the charge immediately after the election process.

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