Appeal to re-install Gandhi statue in Davis and stop future crimes of vandalism

Celebrating 20th year

To Date: 31st January, 2021 The Mayor and Council Members, City of Davis

Subject: Appeal to re-install Gandhi statue in Davis and stop future crimes of vandalism

Dear Council Members:

Utsav, Sacramento, is a 501(c)(3) organization ( in the greater Sacramento area. Utsav's mission is to foster and promote cultural, charitable, and educational activities for its members, and create a positive and enjoyable experience of friendship, happiness, and harmony via Indian (Bengali) and American heritage. Our organization supports the Indian Association of Sacramento (IAS).

First of all, thank you for honoring Mahatma Gandhi by installing Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in the City of Davis on October 2nd, 2016. On 26th January, 2021, some anti-social elements broke Mahatma Gandhi’s statue. Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most world-renowned leaders, believed in non-violence. Great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were keen followers of Gandhi’s teachings and adopted the non-violence to obtain social justice.

Our organization would like to present few observations and requests as below for your consideration. • The peace-loving communities are very sad and irritated at this event and strongly condemning such a shameful act.

• We request City of Davis and Davis Police Department to recognize it as a hate crime and take immediate action to stop such incidences.

• We request City of Davis to reinstall Mahatma Gandhi’s statue.

• Our organization opposes and do not condone such hateful crime against any great leader.

We would request and appreciate if your City Council and Police Department take the responsibility of restoring the pride of our beloved city and protect the citizens to live a peaceful life. Please feel free to contact us ( in case we can be of any assistance. God bless America.


Dr. Somen Nandi, on behalf of Utsav Governing Body Members

Mrs. Anima Kumar, Dr. Rajat Saha, Dr. Mainak Banga, Mr. Saurajit Ghosh 11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-412, Gold River, CA 95670

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