Highlights of Utsav’s 21st Sharodotsav celebration

Dear Utsav Members and Friends,

First and foremost, thank you everyone for attending and making Utsav’s 21st Sharodotsov successful.

Below are some highlights of Utsav’s 21st Sharodotsav celebration during September 30 through October 2, 2022:

  1. Prayer: About five hours of puja and prayer performed in consecutive three days.

  2. Food: About 600 prasad (2 days), 600 dinner (2 days), and 600 lunch (2 days) (totaling over 1800) were distributed among members and visitors, most of the meals were cooked onsite except Friday night’s catered dinner.

  3. Cultural Events: Dohar band performed with pomp and show. Four segments of cultural events were staged which involved about 55 members.

  4. Magazine: We have distributed about 100 printed copies of our 21st annual magazine “Chowrongee” and it is going to be available online soon. We will mail out a few to the members who have not received yet.

  5. Attendees: A total of about 1200 attendees in a row of three days.

  6. Members: Utsav is grateful to existing 67 family members and 9 single members who renewed their membership – thank you for your continued support throughout.

  7. Besides existing members, this year we have 14 new families and 11 new single members joining Utsav family during the 21st Sharodotsav – we welcome you with our open arms. So now, for the year of 2022-23 Utsav has total of 101 families and single members collectively.

  8. Visitors: Besides the above-mentioned members, we have had over 100 guests who came for Ma Durga Darshan and participated in pushpanjali offering and prasad sessions.

  9. Sponsor members: This year we have 7 Platinum Plus ($2000 and above); 8 Platinum ($1200 and above); 10 Gold ($600 and above); and 10 Silver ($400 and above) sponsors and Mr. Virender Yadav (Realtor) in memory of his mother “Late Mrs. Ram Pyari Yadav” has partially sponsored Saturday bhog/lunch. Apart from this, we had many members who sponsored several items for puja, decoration, food, prasad etc. Names of all the sponsors on pages 101-102 in this year’s Magazine (the corrected final copy will be available online soon) – we greatly appreciate your unconditional support and benevolence.

  10. Volunteers: We couldn't have done it without the hundreds of hours of tireless work by our amazing volunteers past three months or more; your dedication and commitment didn't go unnoticed, you made us proud. We were able to put together such a wonderful and enjoyable event; your energy and passion are praiseworthy.

  11. Charity: Our youth volunteer team raised over $305 (net profit $260) during this event via raffle and the money will be donated to local schools. More charitable events are coming up in fall/winter, we will keep you posted.

Please let us know (by replying to this mail) if you want to add/change/be removed from this e-mail distribution list or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your in-person presence during the entire event. Finally, we wish you SUBHO BIJOYA 🙏.


Anima Kumar, Rajat Saha, Mainak Banga, Saurajit Ghosh, and Somen Nandi 🙏

Utsav GBM, 2021-22

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