Utsav's effort on Covid-19 relief

Utsav has partnered with Bay Area Prabasi in a joint effort for Project Breathe.

What is Project Breathe?

Today, India is fighting against the ferocious second wave of the Pandemic. The picture in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal looks grim, where every second person is testing positive for Covid-19. We have a shortage of beds, medical devices, and oxygen units.

Several Non-Profit Bengali Community organizations in the United States have formed a consortium to raise funds for our people back home and partnering with Kolkata based NGOs.

Mukti and Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) to extend our support by sending in Oxygen concentrators and oximeters and saving precious lives. As a part of this consortium, we are reaching out to you to request your kind support to help the people in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal gasping for air.

Operating Mechanism

Our Plan:

● Procure 1000 high-quality ISO certified Oxygen concentrators + 5,000 pulse oximeters and ship to Kolkata (Concentrator units procured @$600/per unit)

● Create a first responder center for at-home delivery of Oxygen concentrators (to reduce pressure on hospitals at maximum capacity)

● Connect patients via telemedicine to a pool of medical doctors

● Distribute medical kits

Progress Update & Accountability

May 27th Update

  • $360K raised for Project Breathe

  • Around 500 Oxygen concentrators procured and over 440 reached Kolkata

  • 400 Pulse oximeter procured so far at unit price of $14

  • 25,000 Medicine kits procured at a unit price of $3

  • HelloBeta service launched

More details can be found here :

May 1st Update

  • $150K + INR 50 Lac raised for Project Breathe

  • 100% of funds will go towards relief

  • 130 oxygen concentrators @ $560 reaching Kolkata May 6th.

  • Additional 250 concentrators on the way Mid May

  • COVID medicine kit created & under procurement

  • Website + Call Center operational procedures finalized for distribution

Accountability: 100% of the funds will go towards this drive and is tax-deductible. We will provide a monthly webinar update and provide an expense sheet for each donor’s review after the initiative.

HelloBeta services launched , please visit here :

How Can You Help?

DONATE today & Request a Corporate Match

SUPPORT by sharing the work with your network and in Social Media

“All your donation is tax deductible, and 100% of your donation will be used for Project Breathe”

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