Utsav is a nonprofit (a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization , Regd # 02-0620518), charitable and cultural organization involved in promoting Indian culture in the Sacramento region. Utsav was founded in 2002, with one goal: creating a positive and enjoyable environment to nurture friendship, festivals, and harmony via our Indian/Bengali heritage. Although Utsav is predominantly a Indian organization, we welcome everyone to become members. Membership in Utsav is not limited to any particular race, religion or ethnic origin. In addition, Utsav provides an opportunity for our children to gain knowledge about the ancient Indian cultures and traditions through various literary, social, and cultural events year round.

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Our Mission

Utsav's mission is to foster and promote cultural, charitable, religious and educational activities for its members, and create a positive and enjoyable experience of friendship, happiness, and harmony via Indian heritage

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Our Vision

Utsav, a non-profit , charitable organization that has the following vision:

  • PROMOTE awareness of Indian ethnic identity and its cultural and spiritual heritage.

  • PROVIDE education and training resources in different regions of Greater Sacramento for teaching Indian language, culture, tradition and spiritual practice.

  • ORGANIZE charitable and cultural events involving (without limitation) Indian traditional and contemporary songs, drama and dances.

  • PLAN AND HOST periodic conferences and meetings to allow members to network, learn and share experiences for personal and career development.

  • ORGANIZE events to raise funds for the relief of distress and other charitable causes.

  • ENCOURAGE international charitable events and sports with the mainstream population in partnership with the school district.

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